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Inoprod Suisse

Swiss location: Vaud Sector: Industry 4.0 Country of origin: France

Can you tell us about the activities of Inoprod?

Inoprod is an engineering firm that has been working with manufacturers in various industries for over 11 years. We assist these companies in their growth and progress through the implementation of 4.0 technologies such as simulation tools. Our goal is to use predictive methods and develop control systems to optimize our clients’ production lines

citation icone The support and connections provided by GGBa and Innovaud were major factors in our decision to move to Switzerland.

Why did you decide to establish Inoprod in Switzerland?

We had been considering Switzerland as a location for some time. We had been in touch with GGBa for almost 2 years, but the timing wasn’t quite right. We were already in the process of setting up in Canada, but the opportunity presented itself when we met Philippe Gouverneur, who has been in Switzerland for over a decade. That same day, we were contacted again by Olivier Petit of GGBa. After discussing it, we decided that it was the right time to create a subsidiary in Switzerland and establish ourselves there.

In relation to the Swiss ecosystem, what factors led you to establish Inoprod in Switzerland?

The support and connections provided by GGBa and Innovaud were major factors in our decision to move to Switzerland. GGBa was able to assist us quickly and connect us with key players in the industry. In a short amount of time, we were able to meet with all the necessary parties for setting up a subsidiary, including those who could help with administrative tasks and integration into the local ecosystem, particularly the university system which is important for our innovation efforts. We chose to base ourselves in the region, specifically at the EPFL.

What motivated Inoprod to set up operations in Western Switzerland specifically, in terms of its industry focus?

Switzerland’s highly developed industrial sector, composed of precision companies that prioritize productivity and performance gains and have high-quality standards for their processes, is a major draw for companies like Inoprod. We have solutions to offer these companies that may not yet be available in Switzerland, such as flow simulation, process simulation for validating machines, complete factory layouts, and daily shop floor management. This is an original offering for the Swiss market. Additionally, being based in the Rhône-Alpes region allows us to have teams nearby to support projects in Switzerland. The university network in Switzerland, including universities and specialized schools, also plays a significant role in our decision to establish operations here. This network allows us to improve the methodology of our projects and research topics for our clients, with the assistance of students and professors.

Integrating academic research into our projects is also beneficial. This close relationship between academia and private industry works well in Switzerland and promotes innovation and the advancement of our clients’ projects.

GGBa and Innovaud have also played a crucial role in helping us quickly and efficiently integrate into the Swiss ecosystem, particularly in French-speaking Switzerland. For example, we were able to participate in the RobotYx event and present our services to potential clients. Since our arrival, we have already found prospects who have approached us for simulation studies or custom application development. The support provided by GGBa and Innovaud has enabled us to connect with these prospects quickly and efficiently.

What are your plans for growth in Western Switzerland over the next three years?

Our growth plans for Western Switzerland over the next three years include building stronger relationships with schools to collaborate on innovation projects, working with clients on specific projects using 4.0 technologies to improve industrial performance, and expanding our team in Western Switzerland to around 10 employees in technical, commercial, and administrative roles.

Are you satisfied with your decision to establish operations in Western Switzerland?

Yes, we are very pleased with our decision to establish operations in Western Switzerland. The process has gone smoothly, largely thanks to the support provided by GGBa and Innovaud, which helped us quickly connect with key players in the ecosystem through events such as RobotYx, where we were able to meet with potential clients, research labs, and other industry leaders in a short amount of time. This has been very efficient for us and facilitated our establishment in this region.

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Pascal Dubuis

President Inoprod Suisse